Girl Girl Sex 258

Girl Girl Sex 258

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Sensually massaging Abigail`s back, Luciana smiles as Abigail turns around and poses her lips on her. Gently caressing her body, Luciana`s hands tour down Alina`s body until she reaches her bum, grabbing it firmly while Abigail rubs her hands against Luciana`s pubic region. As they undress each other, Abigail raises Luciana`s legs up in the air, sliding her panties through them before diving her face into her vulva, giving her a passionate oral. Standing in front of each other completely naked, Abigail blindfolds Luciana, heightening all her senses as she kisses her slender body up and down, fingering her while she licks her clitoris, making Luciana moan and squirm in pleasure.

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